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Foundation Progress Report

Veterans Yoga

March and April were successful months in terms of the foundation’s outreach to the community for Support. On March 18th we met with Tom Kennedy, Director of Military & Veterans Affairs, and Kerr Smith, Veterans & Military affairs, at Delaware Valley College, in Bucks County, PA. Delaware Valley College has a strong population of veterans attending and it is Tom and Kerr who work with and support that very important population of students. We provided some background on the objective of Meghan’s Foundation. And we were pleased to discuss the foundation’s yoga and meditation program with Tom and Kerr and how the program might positively address issues of PTSD faced by their veteran student population. We are pleased to report that Tom and Kerr were impressed with the Foundation’s objective and are very interested in partnering with Meghan’s Foundation to bring a program of Yoga and meditation to their student population.

We also met with Ms Ryan Manion of the Travis Manion Foundation,, and she will be helping us to “get the word out.” The Travis Manion Foundation is a large, well established foundation, named after her brother who was killed in Al Anbar Province, Iraq, April 29th, 2007. They support veterans causes and we are honored to be partnering with them.

We also had a meeting with the local American Legion in New Hope and will be meeting with their Board in May in an effort to get some help from them. We also have meetings with other veteran organizations. We met with the Vets Center, in Bristol, PA and will be meeting with the leadersship of other American Legions, VFW’s and others. So, it has been busy but very rewarding. Our objectives meeting with these organizations are three-fold: #1. To get immediate financial support, #2. To become one of their ongoing fundraising organizations, and #3. To gain access to the veteran population who might participate in the yoga and meditation program.

We are constantly looking for sponsors and fund raising opportunities. So, if you are aware of any please contact us via the website

Thank you

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  1. I was so excited to read this when I got your email. What a wonderful way to honor your daughter! Thank you for including me.

    1. We are pleased that so many have reached out to us. We are constantly looking for help to move the foundation forward.

  2. Glad to see you are partnered with the Travis Manion Foundation. Looks as though you are making progress towards helping Veterans who are suffering from PTSD.

    1. The Travis Manion Foundation does a lot of work for our veterans and we are honored and pleased to be associated with them. My meeting with Mrs Ryan Manion Borek , who runs the Foundation, was very rewarding. We look forward to working with them much more.

  3. This particular post, “Foundation Progress Report – Meghan’s Foundation – helping veterans w/ PTSD using yoga” was fantastic. I am printing out a replicate to present to my personal buddys. Regards-June

  4. “Foundation Progress Report – Meghan’s Foundation – helping veterans w/ PTSD using yoga” ended up being a terrific blog. Cannot help but wait to browse alot more of ur posts. Thanks for the post, Korey

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