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By Lynn Olanoff | The Express-Times 

Hellertown resident Liz Thompson says she had a tough transition following a nine-month tour of duty in Iraq in 2005.

A friend suggested she consider taking up yoga to help with her anxiety. It wasn’t a welcome suggestion.

“I used a four-letter word and said, ‘I’m a Marine and I’m not doing yoga,’” she said. “I went in kicking and screaming.”

That was 2007. Now Thompson swears by the relaxation exercise.

“I attribute yoga to the reason I’m up and functioning every day,” she said. “Yoga is what made me feel like I was in control of my life again.”

Thompson wanted to share that feeling with other veterans, so three years ago she became a certified yoga instructor. She first taught general yoga at a studio in Riegelsville but didn’t have the opportunity to teach veterans until she partnered with American Legion Post 397 in Hellertown.

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