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About our Classes

Meghan’s Foundation offers gentle yoga and meditation classes that are free for all military veterans and active duty military. We welcome spouses to attend with their Veteran or Military member, also free of charge. These classes are intended to assist former and current service members who may be coping with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

All levels of experience and ability are welcomed to attend our classes. Our yoga instructors have training in mindful, trauma-sensitive yoga. The instructor leads class by inviting participants to explore breathing practices, basic yoga postures, gentle stretching, meditation, and relaxation techniques. Instructors will offer variations of postures to make sure that everyone who wishes to can participate in some version of each posture.

Participants can sit on a chair or use a mat. If you do not have your own mat, we will provide one for you. You have complete control over your own practice. You are free to sit or lay down, simply breathing, for an entire class if you wish. The choice is yours.

Before Attending Your First Class

If you would like to contact us prior to your first class, please do so by clicking here. Your message will go to Deb Greenspan, COO of Meghan’s Foundation.

No pre-registration is required for IN-PERSON Classes.  We do suggest that you arrive a few minutes early so that the instructor can answer any questions that you may have and you have time to settle in.

View the current class schedule here:

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