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Fetterman Family Visits Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick

Evening Meditation

At our first Annual Fundraiser in November 2013 we had a fantastic time, with a “Live” auction, “Silent Auction,” “Grand Prize,” and other prizes. What a wonderful time! One of the many Live Auction items was a trip to Washington, DC to visit with and be hosted by Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick. Sherrie & Allen Fetterman was the highest bidder for that item. Sherrie, Allen and family finally took that trip and had a wonderful time. Below is the email we received from Sherrie about that trip:

Hello all! I want to take the time to thank all of you for being such a part in our fantastic trip to tour Washington and have Michael Fitzpatrick take us for a day. Our entire family spent the last three days in Washington. Although wet, what we have experienced is nothing short of life changing. Each and everyone of us gained from the trip. We spoke of how grateful we were that the energies of life came to be that placed us in such a position.

Monday was spent outside (knowing ‘rain’ was on the way) walking through the parks, visiting the WWII monument, the Vietnam Wall, touring Arlington National Cemetery, and experiencing the Changing of the Guards. There is a sculpture at the Vietnam Wall where a nurse is holding an injured soldier and my emotions caught me off guard. I felt as if I had walked those steps prior. I experienced many things…..I am sure that lives prior I spent time on the battle fields.

Tuesday started with the White House tour which was amazing. Then we went to Michael Fitzpatrick’s office and he took hold of us for the day and what we experienced was rare. We walked through the underground tunnels of the Capital. We were able to go to the House of Representatives to witness a vote. He took Jackson (7 years old) down to the floor and he casted the vote. It was breathtaking. Michael also took us to lunch and paid for it. He really is an amazing individual who really cares for the people.

Wednesday, Brandy (my 17 year old) and I stayed in Washington and toured the Conservatory. It was so beautiful I asked Alan to marry me again there!! HA HA HA Then she and I went to the National American History Museum. WOW what a place. My Brandy knows so much about history as she became my tour guide! She and I drove to University of Maryland where she is interested in going to college. Politics and Doctor are her interests. 🙂

We have been on many vacations as a family, but for Brandy and I, it was the best trip EVER!!!

It touched us in our souls this trip.

From the deepest part of my heart, I thank you so much.


Sherrie & Family

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