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What is Your Happiness Quotient??


Harvard Business School recently released the results of some fascinating research. They decided to study the age old question, “Can money buy happiness?” Amazingly, they found that it can indeed. But the determining factor is;


In summary it says; If you use a happiness scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, people who spend their money on others reported that their happiness scale went up by 1 or 2 points for that day. Conversely, those who spent their money on themselves, no matter how much money they had or how much they spent, reported that their happiness scale stayed just the same.

Isn’t there a place inside each of us that we know this to be true?

Is there a more worthwhile cause on which to spend your money and up your happiness quotient, than helping those who have given their all for you safety and your RIGHT to be happy?

Make yourself happy. Donate today to help our veterans.

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To listen to the Ted Talk on the study click here:

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