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meg-for-card-2-146x300Meghan’s Foundation was created in the loving memory of Meghan (Shortt) Wilent by family and friends, with the overall mission of cultivating in ourselves Meghan’s best qualities of compassion and caring for others—particularly veterans—and to invite others to do the same.

Most lives are a steady flame-sometimes flaring up briefly, other times dying down to embers, and finally to ashes. Meghan’s life was a flame that burned fiercely and lept and danced, a flame whose lovely light enveloped everyone who knew her. She sparkled, she shone, she was a bright spirit who flew away on an autumn evening, leaving us suddenly and much too soon, from an undiagnosed heart condition.

She was spunky, she was tender, she was wildly funny, she was sweet, she was honest. She was passionate, she was sassy, she was joyful, she was big hearted, she was creative. She loved makeup and hairdos and clothes and had a talent for putting them all together, for herself and for others. She loved music, she loved to dance, to be the first one out on the dance floor. She was a devil-may-care cook who loved preparing food for others, tossing this and that into the pan, always with delicious results.

In her youth, she was savvy in understanding how one life choice leads to the next, even in an unpredictable world. In high school, she chose technical training, while remaining in the college track. She knew that, with this foundation, she would be better prepared to build from there-to either step into a career right out of high school or to continue her education. She chose to go to college earning two degrees, one in fashion and design, the other in marketing, taking the next steps toward a promising future in the fashion industry.

Meghan found the love of her life in Tom, loved being Tom’s wife, and encouraged and supported him as he took his next steps forward in his career and also serving our country in the US Airforce. She loved her Mummy and Daddy and her twin brother Andrew, and the wide circle of her extended family and friends.

She broadened her circle of love and compassion to also include those she did not know–the homeless, children, the elderly and  United States military veterans. Even in death, she gave vital lifeforce to others as an organ donor. She would be so pleased to know that she lives on in others, as she also lives on within our hearts.

Meghan was indomitable. Always positive, she looked forward with joy to what was yet to come. She was a gallant lady, graceful in life and in death-gone too soon at the tender age of 29.

Those of us who knew Meghan will always warm ourselves and others with the memory of her light. Her kindness and generosity and courage will continue to glow and grow through Meghan’s Foundation.

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