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Meghan’s Foundation provides trauma based yoga for Veterans – PHL 17

Many US military veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Meghan’s Foundation provides free yoga service to help veterans cope with trauma and stress. The yoga is trauma based, which is a bit different than the standard practice. “One of the things with trauma based yoga is there’s certain things that you avoid that you know could potentially be triggering,” yoga instructor and COO of Meghan’s Foundation, Deb Greenspan, explains about the trauma-based practice. All classes provide yoga mats, yoga blocks, blankets, and chairs. They also provide modifications for those who have difficulties with certain poses.

Meghan’s Foundation was created after founders, Thom and Maureen Shortt, lost their daughter Meghan unexpectedly. “[Meghan] was very fond of veterans affairs,” retired US Navy veteran and Meghan’s Foundation Board member, Jeffrey Hoerger, shares, “Thom was a Vietnam veteran and Maureen was a yoga teacher, and they decided to form a foundation to help other veterans in honor of their daughter.” Since then, Meghan’s Foundation has offered over 1,000 yoga classes for veterans. The number continues to grow.

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