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Need a Good Reason to Donate? How about 22?

According to a VA report in 2012, 22 Veterans, Active-Duty Troops, Guard, and Reserve members succumb to suicide every day. Another study by the VA, updated in 2017, indicates that the risk for suicide is 22 percent higher among Veterans compared with U.S. civilian adults. According to the VA National Suicide Data Report for 2005 to 2016,  published in September of 2018, younger Veterans have the highest rate of suicide among Veterans, but older (55+) Veterans represented the largest number of suicides.

An estimated 1 in 3 Veterans experience some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, whether formally diagnosed or not. Studies have shown that yoga and meditation can be effective tools to help cope with symptoms of PTSD.

These numbers are startling and of great concern. That’s why Meghan’s Foundation developed VEMA YOGA – a mindful, trauma sensitive yoga and meditation practice developed specifically for Veterans and Active Duty Service Members of all ages.

If you know an active duty service member or Veteran of any age, please tell them about our VEMA YOGA program.

A donation of just $22 provides 2 VEMA YOGA classes to a deserving Veteran.

Only though the generous donations of our sponsors and people like you, can we continue to provide VEMA YOGA classes to this extremely deserving group of people. Please consider a donation today.

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