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November fund-raiser at triumph brewing company a huge success!!!!!!

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What a huge success our first fund-raising event was, and I am sorry it has taken me this long to post this update. How do I define success? I define it as seeing old friends, Meghan’s classmates, new aquaintences [soon to become friends], folks we work with, and family. And of course raising the necessary funds which enable the foundation to continue its efforts of working with veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD]and reintegration issues. We do that through yoga and meditation classes. Since our first fund-raising effort I have been very busy meeting with people and organizations, some as a result of the fund-raiser, and some to just thank people for their individual efforts in making our first fund-raising event a rousing success. First I have to thank many individuals for their extraordinary efforts and I have done that and will continue to do so. Also, there are many organizations and individuals, who donated products, and services, and money and I am still in the process of thanking all of them. I will get there, it just takes time.

The Triumph Brewing Company was very accomodating for the event. The food was excellent and the atmosphere was great. Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick made an appearance, gave a great speech, and we were honored to have him there. He donated a tour of the Congressional offices in Washington, DC, a “live auction” item, which went for a great deal of money. Thank you Congressman Fitzpatrick!!! New Hope, Mayor Laurence “Larry” Keller, made an appearance and made a donation as well. Thank you Mayor Keller!!!!

The event featured many wonderful “raffle” items, some exclusive “silent auction” items, fantastic “live auction” items and a “grand prize” drawing for $1,000. The grand prize was won by a local New Hope resident, who was so greatful for the winnings. Everyone who won bid items received  a wonderful deal on the items they bid on. Everyone at the event understood the goal of the foundation and was very generous in their praise for both the event itself and for the direction of the foundation and their donations. Meghan’s Foundation knows that it has honorable and lofty goals AND we have the friends and supporters to assist us in reaching those goals…those hero veterans who desperately need our help.

We thank you so much for what you did, what you do and what you continue to do for the Foundation and ultimately for our veteran heros. if you need to reach us you can do so through the foundation website, “contact us” tab.

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