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Simona Lederman

Simona Lederman

Yoga Instructor

Simona comes from a military family and is a registered yoga teacher (RYT), a certified trauma-sensitive yoga facilitator (TCTSY-F), and a Reiki Master. She started practicing yoga as a way to deal with anxiety and PTSD after several traumatic losses in her family. Yoga was also what helped her through a stressful pregnancy. She knew then that one day she would get her teaching certification, and five years later, she did. During her teacher training, she was introduced to Reiki, which helped her continue on her spiritual journey.

Simona is grateful to have had the opportunity to train with David Emerson and Jennifer Turner at the Trauma Center for her 300 hrs of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga certification. Her other teachers are Nature and the children and families she guides in her nature-based programs.

As a facilitator, Simona recognizes that everyone has their own story and no one understands their body better than themselves. She blends her knowledge and experience with her intuition to support each participant in reconnecting with their body and regain agency.

Alexis Zurdo - Yoga Instructor

Alexis Zurdo

Yoga Instructor

Alexis recently moved from Seattle and is so happy to call the island of Oahu her new home. She has been practicing yoga strongly for 9 years (teaching 7 years). She’d say for a life time… Yoga found her, but waited till she found the passion to share it with you! When she was a child she was always stretching and folding into awkward poses without even knowing the whole time she was doing yoga! As she got older she became inspired with dancing which led her into a more active lifestyle.

When Alexis finally came across into her journey of yoga she fell in love with how amazing, beautiful and powerful yoga was to the mind, body, heart and soul! She was finding every way to share this feeling with friends and family inviting them to join and get their own enriched feelings with their own practice… Seeing how happy people were after their practice she took her passion to the next level and became certified.

Her passion to heal and share yoga has grown within the military community, Alexis has a family history from her grandpa and others being veterans and seeing the fight and passion they give to our country she wants to give back and support their mental, emotional and health wellness with yoga! She is certified with Warriors At Ease (WAE), a training program that has a mission to bring the healing power of yoga and meditation to military communities around the world, especially those affected by combat stress, trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). With her WAE and Yoga certifications she focuses on the healing and wellness of military veterans and families.

Deborah Greenspan

Yoga Instructor

Deb is a yoga instructor and Psychology professor.  She began practicing yoga nearly 20 years ago to bring balance to a stressful lifestyle and her Type A personality. Though it was not love at first sight – she was accustomed to handling stress by moving faster, not slower – she soon experienced first-hand how simple movement and breath can shift and transform nearly every experience.

She received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification and began teaching yoga to veterans in 2011. She also completed several advanced trainings, including the Veterans Yoga Project, the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program; Mindfulness and Yoga for Transforming Trauma; and Yoga for 12-Step Recovery. Deb’s classes are breath-centered and suitable for all fitness levels and ages. She uses kindness, persistence, along with hefty doses of compassion and bad jokes, to create a space for practitioners to tap into their own strength and resiliency.

Kimberly Robinson

Yoga Instructor

Kimberly has studied many traditions of yoga since 2000, and she has been teaching yoga since 2007. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Saraswati River Yoga in New Hope, Pa.

Kimberly discovered yoga after years of lifting weights and in hopes of having a more stress-free life prior to starting her family. As time passed, Kimberly decided to move into teaching. Along with raising her two children, teaching has been her passion. Her intention is to offer the practice of yoga in a fun, sincere, and inspiring way.

Patty Janoch

Meditation/Yoga Teacher

I have been practicing yoga since I was in college, overt 40 years now.  I never really thought about becoming a yoga instructor until one of those dark moments in my life where I asked myself, “Where do I always feel happy and safe?”  For me that was the yoga studio and my church.

As a result of exploring that answer, I became a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of my yoga teacher training at the Prancing Peacock (RYS) in 2009.  I have also completed 15 hour “Mindful Yoga for Veterans” training in October 2012, as well as training in many other modalities including Yin, Restorative and Hot Yoga along the way.

Since 2009, it has been my pleasure to lead yogi’s in their practice at community centers, churches, schools, day care centers, studios and gyms. In 2017 I earned my E-RYT 200 status.  These days I primarily work with the Veteran community teaching Meditation and Yoga in support of overall well-being.
I am blessed to continue to study, explore and share my practice with other instructors and  veteran’s of our armed forces, plus anyone I have the opportunity join in practice.

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