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Meghan’s Foundation has provided me with a weekly respite to past experiences; present conditions/situations and worries.

Five years ago, as a combat veteran seeking help, I was offered to participate in meditational style yoga in Doylestown. With my first visit I experienced a calming feeling to a turbulent mind. Over the next few months I really began to look forward to a weekly time of mindful rest, physical movements, balance and listening to a truly dedicated and heartfelt instructor that spoke peaceful restorative words to me. I leave each session with a feeling of peace and a better out-look on life.

I’ve maintained a commitment to allow myself this weekly time. I admit to wandering off for a bit only to return when my mind became clear enough to guide me back.

I met the co-founder of Meghan’s Foundation briefly at the beginning of a session a few years ago. I also looked at the foundation website and found the story of the creation and namesake of the foundation and its purposes. The foundation walks the walk and talks the talk. They are true to their vision and mission and honor their daughter in doing so. I feel a kinship too, with the founders, whom I don’t really know, but weekly experience their care for veterans.

I am grateful for the yoga sessions I attend and mention them to other veterans which I believe also could benefit. I hope the foundation continues to offer what they do and that people can support them in doing so.


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