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Michael Schutte

Michael Schutte

Thank you, Dad, for your service and your sacrifice!

Debra Greenspan

Debra Greenspan

A wonderful yoga teacher to the troops!

In honor of Thom Shortt

Thom Shortt

Thank you for all you do. In Thom’s memory. With much love.

Find peace of mind and remain in the moment

I am a Viet Nam Veteran that served with the 4th Infantry Division as a Combat Medic. In 2013 I began counseling at The VA clinic for symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder such as anxiety, depression and nightmares. I was also given medication prescribed by a VA psychiatrist. The counseling helped some but the medication made things worse.  I then learned about yoga classes sponsored by Meghan’s Foundation. So I began taking yoga classes to help with my PTSD. From these yoga classes I have learned how to slow down and relax. My goal is to find peace of mind and remain in the moment. I think yoga leads me in this direction. Yoga works better than medication.

Live life healthier and happier

A wonderful organization [Meghan’s Foundation] that helps us veterans live life healthier and happier.

Helps veterans with mental fitness

A supportive organization [Meghan’s Foundation] that helps veterans with mental fitness. An opportunity for socialization amongst ourselves.

Good state of mind

I have been taking these yoga practices since the first day that they had been offered to the Military Veterans and their families at the American Legion Post 210. I can not remember the exact start date but it has been at least 2 years or more.

Our first instructor Laura Beth Halter White was excellent. However she left us to move to Vermont. She was replaced by our current instructor, Deborah Greenspan who likewise is excellent as well. Both instructors taught in a different manor but with the same basic techniques of the Gentle Yoga version. I have found that this Yoga practice has given me a good state of mind, flexible movement and body pain relief. I try not to miss a practice and hope that these practices continue indefinitely.

A healthier way to handle daily stressors

I am a disabled veteran who suffers from PTSD, depression, anxiety and chronic pain. In an effort to find a positive alternative non-medicinal method to manage my chronic physical pain and emotional wellness, in 2016 I started attending yoga classes through Meghan’s Foundation. The instructors and classes have provided me a healthier way to handle daily stressors and improve my overall health, well-being and even weight loss.

Weekly respite to past experiences

Meghan’s Foundation has provided me with a weekly respite to past experiences; present conditions/situations and worries.

Five years ago, as a combat veteran seeking help, I was offered to participate in meditational style yoga in Doylestown. With my first visit I experienced a calming feeling to a turbulent mind. Over the next few months I really began to look forward to a weekly time of mindful rest, physical movements, balance and listening to a truly dedicated and heartfelt instructor that spoke peaceful restorative words to me. I leave each session with a feeling of peace and a better out-look on life.

I’ve maintained a commitment to allow myself this weekly time. I admit to wandering off for a bit only to return when my mind became clear enough to guide me back.

I met the co-founder of Meghan’s Foundation briefly at the beginning of a session a few years ago. I also looked at the foundation website and found the story of the creation and namesake of the foundation and its purposes. The foundation walks the walk and talks the talk. They are true to their vision and mission and honor their daughter in doing so. I feel a kinship too, with the founders, whom I don’t really know, but weekly experience their care for veterans.

I am grateful for the yoga sessions I attend and mention them to other veterans which I believe also could benefit. I hope the foundation continues to offer what they do and that people can support them in doing so.


Sense of balance

I started attending the Meghan’s Foundation Yoga classes at my Doylestown American Legion Post 210 several months ago looking for a way to get fit.  My experience has been nothing short of terrific.  The benefits I have gained in flexibility and the sense of balance and stress relief I’ve found, with the aid of the instructor Deb Greenspan, has been of great value to me and I plan to continue my yoga practice for the foreseeable future.

Very positive place

The Yoga Class here at The American Legion Post 210 in Doylestown, PA. has been very helpful to me. It has increased my flexibility and reduced the pain and numbness that I had been living with daily. The class has also had a very beneficial effect at all times on the stress I’ve lived with. It is a very positive place to be. I always look forward to the class. Our Instructor Deborah Greenspan is wonderful.  I don’t know of anyone that could improve our class.

Thank you Meghan’s Foundation!

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