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Veteran’s Meditation And Yoga.  Mindful, trauma-sensitive yoga and meditation classes designed specifically for military veterans and active duty service members coping with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These unique classes are free and appropriate for all ages and levels of physical ability and experience.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a physical and mental health condition involving the stress response system. It can develop following a traumatic event or a sustained traumatic time period such as war. Symptoms may not appear for years and can come and go. They can include intrusive thoughts, avoidant/numbing symptoms, anxiety, withdrawal from family and society, hyper-vigilance, physical pain, and many more, to the extent that the symptoms interfere with everyday activities and relationships. It is estimated that 1 in 3 veterans, from all wars, experience some form of PTSD, whether formally diagnosed or not.

Why VEMAYOGA for Veterans?

Studies have shown that yoga and meditation can be effective tools to help cope with symptoms of PTSD. Through VEMAYOGA, veterans and active duty military will learn how to access the tools within themselves to calm and manage symptoms of stress in their bodies.

VEMAYOGA was developed by Liz Thompson, Maureen and Thom Shortt of Meghan’s Foundation specifically to address the unique needs of veterans and military personnel. Liz served in the U.S. Marine Corps for eight years and discovered the benefits of yoga ten years ago. Liz earned her 200-hour yoga teaching certification in Boston, MA, and embarked on her journey of bringing the benefits of yoga to other veterans. Maureen has over 20 years of wellness experience with a BA in Education and a Master’s degree in Nutrition Counseling. She is a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress, and a certified yoga and meditation teacher. Thom is a U.S. Marine and Vietnam Veteran and has a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior and a Master’s degree in Management.

The VEMAYOGA class environment is sensitive to the needs of our attendees. Classes are private, well lit, quiet, and absent of distracting scents and activity. All of our instructors are professionally trained in the unique practices of yoga and meditation for veterans and other populations experiencing symptoms of PTSD.


If you’ve ever practiced yoga or meditation, you already know the profound effect this practice can have on your health and life. Help us spread the word about the unacceptable loss of life among veterans suffering with PTSD. Support Meghan’s Foundation, through VEMAYOGA, and help to provide peace and encouragement to veterans in need.

Tell them You Care: Sponsor a Veteran

All of our classes and supplies are free to veterans. Only though the generous donations of our sponsors and believers like you, can we continue and grow our services to this extremely deserving group of people. Visit to donate what you can now. Please consider a regular donation. Just $22 provides 2 VEMA classes to a deserving veteran. $50 gives access to VEMA classes for an entire month. Please donate what you can.


Tell Your Network: HELP “22” GO Viral

On the 22nd of each month we will be challenging all yoga and meditation believers to hold the Warrior Pose for 22 seconds and share this with their social networks using #VEMA . Send pictures of your Warrior Pose to and we’ll post them on our website.
Follow us on Facebook. Encourage your friends to participate and help spread the word.


Tell Your Students: Host a Benefit Class

On the 22nd of each month we are asking yoga and meditation studios to host a class to benefit VEMAYOGA. Before a regular class, educate your students about VEMAYOGA and Meghan’s Foundation. During class challenge them to hold the Warrior Pose for 22 seconds. With your student’s permission, record and post this on your website and social channels with a link to the Meghan’s Foundation website ( Send pictures of your class’s Warrior Pose to and we’ll post them on our site. Ask each yogi in your class to consider donating what they can to share the healing power of yoga with a veteran in need. Participating studios will be recognized and their class will be promoted on Meghan’s Foundation website, social channels, and monthly emails.


Chances are,
you or someone
you know is a

Chances are, that person is silently dealing with the effects of PTSD and could benefit from some extra SUPPORT to find PEACE in their mind and soul.

Chances are, they are at a loss as to how to find the ENCOURAGEMENT they’ve been seeking. Chances are, these BRAVE individuals are highly at risk of increasing the statistic of the 22 US Veterans who take their own lives each day.

VEMAYOGA (VETERANS’ MEDITATION AND YOGA) brings MEDITATION and TRANQUILITY to veterans who are dealing with the challenges that most of us cannot even begin to fathom.

Chances are, if you tell someone about VEMAYOGA, it could CHANGE THEIR LIFE.

Chances are, we can reduce this devastating ”22” number by just telling someone.

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